Navigating IG for the Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

In a recent study by Later, with over 19M Instagram feed posts (images, carousels, videos, and Reels) from January 1, 2023, to October 1, 2023, used in the study, it was found that

  • Nano accounts (0-10K followers) post an average of 2 feed posts per week
  • Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) post an average of 3 feed posts per week
  • Mid accounts (100K-500K followers) post an average of 5 feed posts per week

Data Analysis — Key Takeaways:

As accounts gain followers, they begin to post more — likely due to:

  • Increased interest in their content
  • More resources and the ability to outsource work
  • Rather than posting multiple times a day, there’s been a shift towards “quality over quantity” — likely due to conversations around social media burnout

It’s crucial to approach these numbers with caution. Posting frequency on Instagram Stories can vary due to factors like seasonal trends, specific campaigns or launches, and evaluations of content performance. The study found that users with:

  • Nano accounts (0-10K followers) on average post 3 Instagram Stories per week
  • Micro accounts (10K-100K followers) on average post 4 Instagram Stories per week
  • Mid accounts (100K-500K followers) on average post 15 Instagram Stories per week

The data shows that as follower counts escalate, so does posting frequency. This escalation can be attributed to heightened interest in content, expanded resource pools enabling outsourced work, and an overarching shift toward prioritizing quality over quantity—a response, perhaps, to growing concerns surrounding social media burnout.

Mortgage and real estate professionals predominantly post blogs as part of their content strategy, leveraging the power of written content to educate, inform, and engage their audience. However, incorporating Instagram into their marketing mix offers unique opportunities to complement their blog-centric approach with visually appealing content that resonates with their target demographic. Here are some content ideas for mortgage and real estate professionals to consider for their Instagram presence:

Property Showcases: Showcase visually appealing images or videos of properties they are representing. Highlight key features, interior design elements, and the neighborhood to entice potential buyers.

Behind-the-scenes: Offer a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the real estate process. Share photos or short videos of property tours, open houses, or team members working diligently to serve clients.

Client Testimonials: Feature satisfied clients and their testimonials in visually appealing graphics or videos. Testimonials add credibility and build trust among potential clients.

Educational Content: Create visually appealing infographics or carousel posts that simplify complex mortgage or real estate concepts. Topics could include mortgage rates, the home-buying process, tips for first-time homebuyers, etc.

Community Spotlights: Showcase the local community by highlighting nearby attractions, schools, parks, and events. This helps potential buyers get a feel for the neighborhood beyond just the properties themselves.

Industry News and Trends: Share insights into the latest industry news, market trends, and predictions. This positions the professionals as knowledgeable experts in their field.

Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions or utilize the “Ask Me Anything” feature to answer common questions from followers about mortgages, real estate, home buying, or selling.

Before and After Transformations: Share before and after photos of properties that have undergone renovations or staging. This demonstrates the potential of properties and can inspire followers in their own home improvement projects.

Interactive Content: Engage followers with interactive content such as polls, quizzes, or challenges related to real estate trivia, home decor preferences, or mortgage knowledge.

User-Generated Content: Encourage clients to share photos or stories of their experiences working with the professionals or of their new homes. Reposting user-generated content fosters community engagement and loyalty.

By diversifying their content mix on Instagram, mortgage and real estate professionals can effectively complement their blog-centric approach, enhance brand visibility, and forge meaningful connections with their target audience in the visually-driven realm of social media.

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